Limerick City College Sponsor GoTri Racing TC for 2014 Season
Feb 2014 10

The GoTri Racing TC committee are delighted to announce that Limerick City College


The club have signed a sponsorship agreement for 2014. This will see Limerick City College become a primary sponsor of the club and support the club financially for the 2014 season.

Limerick City College is a provider of high quality Professional Education. Through activities regionally, nationally and internationally, they provide educational opportunities of a very high standard across a wide range of academic programs.

Based in new premises at the Parkway roundabout, Limerick City College are very keen to become involved in the local community.

Please take a look at their webpage


LCC Gotri Sponsorship Photo

Chairman Mark jeffers being given the sponsors check










Feb 2014 04

I like to write and I like to cover the realities of our great sport.

85 x 55

Reality one – you must always enjoy each session
Reality two – you must enjoy working on your worst aspect as much as you enjoy working on your best
Reality three – talent will only get you to the door , training will open the door
Reality four – your brain is your best and strongest muscle but probably the least worked, change and learn

Reality five – you need to listen. But listen to the right ones, the old guy in the group or the sports scientist or the coach or all of them

Reality six … There is only one way

A famous proverb … When the wind blows it blows in only one direction.

It’s been a busy training period for the squad. Back to basics approach this year. We have done a lot of things over the last number of years with athletes. Results prove success but I haven’t really been satisfied if I’m perfectly honest. Maybe ill never be happy but I just want the best for those I work with.


Jan 2014 28

Banner Duathlon LogoTraining blog 3

Hitting the numbers ……

Athletes need to learn to follow the process and execute things in a straight line. If one was to look at a time trial effort in terms of watts one would be looking for a straight line – a flat line – consistent effort no matter the course. Athletes need to approach life / injury in that same matter and it is something that needs to be trained.



Jan 2014 19

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Training blog 2


Some times the negatives out way the positives, but the positive has to be looked at in the right way.

The weeks training tally was on course for another big consistent week.

3km swim 100k bike ( planned sat & Sunday rides ) the cycling team Club Rothaiochta is going from strength to strength with the extra support from local athletes Rich/Nial / Tom/ Jim all chipping in to drive it forward. Some training has to be done solo but having the guys there really helps.

Run 55k with a 80k plus target, even with the accident I’d be happy with the totals.


Jan 2014 13

85 x 55

2014 …… A renewed focus on achieving some personal goals. Even as a coach I am ambitious both for myself and for all the athletes I work with.

I have been tipping away up to Christmas. In all honesty just trying to find the balance between coaching, family life with baby Finn and running the physical therapy and coaching practise. Its been interesting to say the very least but thankfully most folk are used to big cup coffee that is glued to my hand weather I am coaching or driving or talking. There have been many versions of “what does STL stand for ? ranging from serious talking lynch to words we wont use in this blog post, but with the help of all the folks in the clubs -Shannon Masters/Club Rothaiochta/ Gotri racing team Jennifer and I are adjusting to real life and my own training seems to be back on track.


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