May 2014 24

Sorry for the delay in posting!! Better late than never :)


neil jordan

We now have had over 105 different riders in the past 7 weeks. We are delighted with the turn-out to the TT’s every Thursday.Great to see the regulars and the new faces this year. Thank you all for the support.

Keep up the good work everyone!!

Results below:

TT results 22.05

UCI Time Trial Regulations

May 2014 15

We had a total of 49 cyclists for our TT tonight.

We asked all of our cyclists to support the ‘Wear Blue Thursday’ for Ethan Campaign to help raise awareness for MPS.

We are delighted to say we raised a total of €167 tonight for the cause, and everyone sported some blue clothing :)

Big Thank You to Dermot Ryall and Laura O’Shea who brought this worthy cause to the Club’s attention. Its great to be able to support a local campaign.


Also a mention to Dermot Radford and Martin Gordon who have created a new Tandem Bike Course Record with a time of 20:03.




Please click here for results TT results 15.05



May 2014 09

Wicklow Adventure Race-26th April 2014


My first ever adventure race and I picked a bloody hard one to start off with, a 73 kilometer adventure race in Glendalough.
I wasn’t really sure what way it was going to go for me. I knew I wouldn’t do terrible but at the same time I knew I wasn’t in too bad a shape. At Christmas time I wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing it, that and I was carrying an extra 2 stone of weight.

I drove up early Friday afternoon to get my things together and to sign on. When I arrived I took a look around transition and the start line.
Saturday morning came and I completed the Gotri pre race ritual of a light 20 minute jog before breakfast.


May 2014 08

Joey Hannon : Race Report

All week I had been contemplating switching back to the Sprint race as I had only done a Try-a-tri before, but I wanted to get the Olympic distance under my belt before HOTW and Joey was perfect as it was a pool swim.


Morning of the race, I had my porridge and headed over to UL to rack my bike.  The nerves were creeping in, but thankfully I bumped into Roisin in the car park, so we walked up together and that calmed the nerves.  Having a 3 hr wait for my race was a pain as I just wanted to get on with it, but I decided to go over to my parent’s house to relax until 10.  I spent the 2 hrs trying to find airport transfers for their upcoming holiday, very frustrating when they can’t make a decision between them, but in hindsight, it completely took my mind off the race.


May 2014 01

Joey Hannan Report


Why did I decide to do the Olympic distance? I was asking myself that all last week, I guess I wanted to see if I could do the distance so I would know if I could handle HOTW in June or not.

I had myself all organised on sat, everything ready and laid out so I wouldn’t be fumbling around on sunday morning. Had gone through my check list so I was felling okay.

Got to transition Sunday morning and set everything up and walked through transition with Mairead so we knew where we were going. Off to support my team mates for the morning, It was great to see my team mates overcoming hurdles weather it was the tri a tri or the sprint. Very proud of you all, well done. I was overcome with emotion before I got in the water; don’t know where it came from or what happened. Poor Mike had to calm me down and let me have my cry.


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