15 weeks and counting Baby count down


It’s funny, I’m actually a little bit superstitious. My parents home house is Inis fail, my nanny is buried in inis fail grave yard, Jens apartment is beside my nannies grave. Our first date was in Clontarf around the corner from my mammies house in a Chinese my mammy used to get our “Sunday dinners in” in front of the Chimneys I used to stare out of the weekend house window at. I read into things too much eh ? That and I’m a firm believer in Karma – good things happen to good people.

It’s been a great week, off the back of a s#!t€ result comes appreciation for the little things.

Jens had a good week, tired as per usual but in general it’s been a good week. A little bit of a nesting buzz flying around as she clamours to get things done before the little man comes along. Thank god one of us is organised !! I’m told natural parenting skills just kick in, you will just know what to do ?? Hmmm I dunno about that but fingers crossed all about us can answer any questions we have.

Training has gone great this week and I’m back to looking forward to racing again.

Things we have changed.

1. Refocused on nutrition

2. Back on close attention to gluten free diet

3. Refocused bike work –

4. Attention to sleep- work hrs – training intensity

Jen has taken to asking me motivational questions and thanks to a coach friend mentor I feel over the next six weeks ill be back into shape as I head towards Athlone sprint champs.

Does Athlone suit me as a race course?
Down river swim = no
Flat bike = no
Flat run = yes

I don’t really care I know ill be in the mix if I train right and here’s an owed to my superstitions — it’s on Jens birthday 😉 she deserves a present so to my competitors please be nice, you today me tomorrow 😉

Work has been going good at the clinic in shannon. Physical therapy and sports injuries along with small sales. I love helping people. It can be hard an sometimes frustrating working with injured athletes. Bodies are not machines but with close attention to detail and following correct rebuild and bodywork therapy paths everyone can benefit. It’s always great to get the text messages or emails or phone calls to say thank you. It means a lot. Especially the smiles on athletes faces when they cross the finish line of a race they didn’t expect to start let alone finish.

Limerick marathon was a spectacular occasion as the GoTri racing team had a family atmosphere approach to the weekend of activities and a lot of injured athletes returning to the race course.

The belly continues to grow and all we can is hope for a healthy young Olympian to pop out in a few months time.

No pressure

Train smart – train happy


15 weeks and counting — baby count down

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