3 races 3 completely different results 

Europcar 3D Triathlon
5th place (1st 30-34)

stephan teeling lycnh
great t-shirt

This shows a lot of different things but surprisingly I’m going to positive about things. I’m aiming to be good in good shape in 6 weeks time and I am willing to sacrifice everything for that. I don’t have the time I used to have when I was a full time athlete and not managing an injury history. I do have a business and a few teams to run …. surprise surprise (wow im admitting it )

My total training session last week were including the race

2 swims of 1hr each 2 bikes of 1:10 and 55mins + race of 23mins

And 4 runs with 2 hard sessions Thursday and Friday

I can’t really complain (believe me most do!!! With what I get out of 7hrs to 9hrs training a week- I hope it shows you what is possible!)


The swim long course 50m NAC pool, to use the culchie twang ’twas grand, Aichlan KJ and to put it mildly a few others fluffed it up – Aichlan went out in 2:10 for first 200m and those who shall remain nameless let feet go and others were not content to be patient. Surprisingly I lost count of the lengths but it didn’t really matter. We all climbed out together give take or shake a few seconds.

My transitions cost me big time. If I can find time this week I’m going to nail a few to remind myself of what I put others through in training sessions. My runs to and from transition need to be a lot quicker. I lost a lot of time here on the guys.

Bike- it was grand. Nice surface and fun with all the round abouts. I don’t really have the legs of previous years but they will come back soon enough. Nobody did anything spectacular on the bike. Maybe Will maccormack came through the field quick but out of the “swimmers” times weren’t that quick or breakaway speed. Always impressed with the juniors when they hang on to the Tt bikes versus aerowheeled tech junkies in midlife crisis mode triathletes, both Aichlan and Jackson have come along way.

Transitions were long — can I use the soft pool swimmers feet excuse?? Or do I just need to light the match ??

The run
I nailed my first hard run session during the week. To be honest I did the session twice, Thursday it went $#\t{ but Friday it went brilliant but with doing that I new the twigs would be a bit faded. As I said above, with the hrs I’m doing I can’t afford to be rested all the time  if I want to be good for Athlone. Happy in terms of 3D v Liam ball run feelings — ( times are still shocking but ill grab straws here)

Performance of the day ?? Probably has to go to the 3D team. The club had to deal with a bit of adversity getting the go ahead for the race. It was well run and well marshalled. It’s an important race for the kids and one I’m happy to support in the future. Well done to all involved and folks ….. Watch out for the WORMS …. They’re getting stronger

Train smart – train happy


ps. A big thank you to the positivity of Coach in the background giving me a hand this season, refocused and aiming high

Europcar 3d Race Report -STL

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