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Junior team Athletes

The juniors are heading into exam territory, but are still managing a few hours of training per week to keep them in tip top shape for later goals during the season.
Stephan Rooney ran the Kilkee Pink Balloon 10km as part of his long run during the GoTri.ie charity training weekend and came an impressive 4th place and getting one over coach Stl
Rory sexton is in flying form, he finished in 5th place Great race in the Dan Byrne Memorial 5k race in Doneraile Park last night
Maebdh Hurst is back in running form and recently went 5:25 for the 1500m not bad after a year of injury.
Congratulations to the other Irish juniors who were racing in the Irish schools track championships

The Kittens

The kittens are being led by Andree Jones walkin this season, who is in flying form and heading towards the European Duathlon championships in Spain.
Andree finished in an unlucky 4th place in Tri Athy and took the conciliatory prize of 3rd in her age-group. Things are looking good though as she heads towards Spain. Keep an eye on her page for updates and a future interview
Ailbhe Carroll took to the triathlon waters for only the second time this season, as we focus on her swimming and running legs for this year, triathlons are the ice-cream for her racing season
So Athy was a bitter sweet symphony for me. I felt amazing, I thought I raced well but unfortunately the results didn’t go the way I wanted and I ended up 3rd. I wasn’t too happy at the time – deeply disgusted in fact – but looking back on the race now, I did all the parts right that I am training for so that was good I guess.
We didn’t have the nice weather that we had last week but the day held up ok. Bit of rain here and there but it was generally just cloudy and cold! The wind on the bike on the way home was tricky enough to deal with but most people did ok I think! I however had a tricky ride and I let the wind get the better of me.
My swim and run went exceptionally well which was good to see as these are the two I’m focusing on for this year. It’s good to see hard work paying off and that’s for sure!!
Check her page for a continued race report
The hounds

David Richardson aka mr.waffles n eggs is in flying form right now and as such is the lead dog.
Davy took second over in Tri Athy with a great run off the bike. Things are looking good as we head towards the peak race of the season in Kilkee.
Joe Mul had a great race in Tri Athy sprint taking almost 8mins off his time for last year.
John Mangan and Dave Kelly took to the Kerry head triathlon and had a friendly battle all the way to the line for 4th and 5th places. John also won the vet cat.

Dan and mike raced two great individual races in Athy, The Tri Athy hounds had a great day out, both improving on the new course and cementing thier shape as they head towards Kilkee
Well done to all the hounds

The pack

 A lot of the pack came along to Kilkee to show their support to the charity training weekend being organised by Coach Stephan Teeling lynch of Gotri.ie with the help of Limerick tri.
The pack are all gearing up for the local high light so getting the opportunity to race on the course pre-hell time was a bonus.
The pink balloon run is organised by Rebecca and it was great for GoTrI.ie and limerick tri and all the other local tri/run/clubs to get behind it.
 Some of the results from the training group over the weekend can be found on http://www.facebook.com/PinkBalloonRun?ref=ts&sk=wall#!/PinkBalloonRun

Pos.   Num.   Time    Name
1          455      35:41   Michael Shannon
2          550      37:02   Tom Larkin
3          528      37:55   Mike Browne
4          732      37:56   Stephen Rooney
5          432      38:59   Stephen Teeling Lynch
6          480      38:59   Barry Murphy
7          420      39:06   David Brew
8          395      40:17   Ger Bowen
9          51        40:42   James Reddan
10        513      40:49   Fergal O’Connor
Training sessions
Any one is welcome along to the Monday night sessions and if you want to email me your name and ill add you to the text message list. Just email me your number info@gotri.ie
Currently we have a session going in Castle Connell on Monday evenings from 6 to 8 at the rowing club. Triathlon Ireland licence is a must!

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