The winter period is tuff for most athletes as we thrive on the racing environment especially at a young age. Thankfully in Ireland the Muddy fields provide a great playground of gladiatorial battles be it in the senior or junior cats these races can be very hard and usually only the strongest survive, for triathletes xc as it is called can be a great way to help develop strength and endurance as part of your overall run development program and is especially useful for those that are new to running in general.


Young Hounds Stephen  (Ennis Tri) and Con  (West Port) Along with Super Kitten Maebdh ( Ballinasloe) have been competing this winter with some great success in the schools xc. It is always great to see the schools participate and promote running as part of the curriculum outside of the usual sports of G.A.A and soccer.

Con  stepped up to win in Connaught on Wednesday along with Maebdh Placing in 5th place on the course that will be used for the national xc in March.

Stephen  placed 3rd in the ever competitive Munster Region today Thursday the 9 of Feb.

Onwards and upwards as they chase the long term goal of achieving their Olympic dreams

Junior Hounds and Kittens performing with the stars

One thought on “Junior Hounds and Kittens performing with the stars

  • February 10, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Well done Stephan & GoTri. Thanks for all your hard work over the winter, ‘No man is an Island’ and the results reflect the effort of the entire team.


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