Lough Derg race report

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Lough Derg race report 

Over the last 8 weeks I've figured out where I've been going wrong ....... ( insert wolf of Wall Street chest banging science ) via peter Sagan.

 Like Peter I go down hill prity quick but not for technical grace more for testing newtons law of gravity. Which I seem to contradict on a weekly basis of no pedal descending over taking the frantic froome-esq climber framed smallies on our team ....... They don't know what they missing !!! 

prepare to risk it all ......

A highly stressful week leading into this week with 2 kids that I'm convince know when daddy is racing, mon to Friday will rise at 5-6 for bottle and fall off to sleep again until 9 sometimes 10 - yes blessed but the little smiley feckers save the up all night specials until the day before a race!! Secretly hoarding away these special occasions like squirrels and nuts to unless havoc with the biorthyms of an eager athlete !! In fairness it was made worse by the fact that I only got to bed at 1am after finishing building my TT bike... Note to readers - do not do this ! But for me it was just the way life worked out and you just get on with it 

Race morning ..... Our token Ausie in the team picked up his traveling companions Kiera and I and off we set in the Dc renewable energy van supposedly he has a website n all blasted if I could find the thing !!! Note to self tell Dave if it's not on Facebook it's not real !! 

A big thank you to race organiser Maeve for asking us along to the race, I'm nearly sure asking in maeves eyes is a form of bullying and bribery ...... More on the flat run course later 

Dromineer is a picture perfect postcard location on lough Derg and the perfect place for a race. 

The swim 
The Mako wetsuit is really starting to feel comfortable, I loved my rocketscience from the last few seasons but I must say I'm starting to feel fast in this new suit the Extreme by Mako. I tried to sneak into the swim start ahead of loads of the quicker feet but........ Who was I kidding the swim draft king was always going to be following David Richardson stalked me around the swim course. I exited first but the pup has the audacity to run past me to the mate first ..... So I nailed him on a quick transition to get out first. 
Quick note great to see our adventure race captain Paul in the Kayacks supporting the event 

The bike
Pedalling the bike for the first time in warm up, I realised I put in the broken bottom bracket, a creaky TT ride for a creaky athlete. 
It was grand, a few last minute changes to the perfectly flat TT course to add lots of back lanes and hilly drags ment a ruff start to the TT section so after leading the first 6/7km with Davy still sitting at 30/50m behind me I just soft pedalled until he was in front no point bringing the rabbit to the greyhound track as I'm the dog who will never catch said rabbit !!

On to the main road and into a head wind, I sat 50m behind David. The pace was too slow however so when we reached the turn around and i started to see athletes catching I put the proverbial hammer down to lead into T2 

The run
There is no other way to say it but Maeve is a LIAR!!!!! Flat as I am skinny!! Ah I should be fit enough to handle these courses but David caught me mid way up first hill and Cillian caught me just over the top of the last hill before finish line for second - no points for leading out swim n bike if you can't bring it home !!! 

The analysis 
Maybe if maybe not maybe this but ......... It just didn't happen. Take the positives I'm at where I'm at. More attention to the details needed 

A quick word of congratulations to all the gang that took on Sligo NS and cat1 race!!! Amazing results from Victoria and Barney. Congrats to all our new members and monday night training regulars !!! Proud of the efforts 

Yours in sport& coaching 

STL lough Derg Sprint race report

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