19 weeks and counting

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No man is an island or so they say, but I wouldn’t mind spending some time on that island. 7am to 12pm days are nothing to a parent but a man trying to start a family and run a small business, 3 teams and personal coaching and training its testing !! My biggest fear is another burn out. I have 2 the last few years. I firmly believe sleep to being the key to success. Please take note

A week filled with highs and lows. My opinions against others opinions but always trying.

A trying time with organising the mid week training races – bike racing on Wednesday and time trial for triathletes and bike racers on Thursdays.

A stress filled day dealing with the banks on Tuesday but invigorating business opportunities ahead as we look to add more coaching expertise to the GoTri team.

GoTri is at the top o the pyramid but the foundation of this pyramid is first and foremost the athletes within the teams. Shannon masters – club Rothaiochta – GoTri racing triathlon club – Monday Murder training group.

I don’t call these clubs for a reason. Anyone can be part of a club but not everyone can be part of a team. I say this because to be a team member means to support your colleagues in training and racing and to carry each other through victory and defeat.

Fingers crossed as we move forward with the “sky” project it will immortalise our passion for team spirit.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday were hard days on the family to be front. But we are heading into the 18 week countdown with a book full of potential names . It’s funny as we were both convinced our child to be was going to be a girl and every time we think of a new name that we both like I remember back to the 3 girls names we were both convinced of before our midway scan. Jen had even managed to convince a medium of it being a girl !!! Women’s intuition hasn’t been working well lol ( no blonde jokes intended)

It’s been a battle on my own training front. Monday and Tuesday were fantastic days. I even managed a Tt training session with a 40kph average Tuesday night, so that was pleasing, but Wednesday and Friday were right off due to finalising things before heading away for the baby moon. A result in Liam Ball is not looking likely but I’m enjoying the challenges both mental and physical to get back into shape.

I have been taking inspiration from those people with families and friends who have had babies or are training with young kids. I love working with people, I’m good at helping others with time planning, sessions outcomes and race execution but it’s funny now as the fathers in those people are becoming mini heroes to me. Trev, Paul, mick, Jackie,Lisa,dan liam, Kirsten and all the gaggle of families who are part of our big training family. Inspirational is almost an understatement.

The team focus this season is looking strong however with Davy Rory and the gang apart ready to break free and with Grealish and crooks both beginning to fire it’s only a matter of patience from a Walkin to get team result up the leaders board.

The support crew and friends that are helping to make this happen us amazing and you all know who you are.

Thanks for all the help this week.

Yours in sport
Your results my reputation

Ps I bought the child’s first toy ( an Elmo teddy 🙂


19 weeks and counting 😉

2 thoughts on “19 weeks and counting ;)

  • April 15, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Relax Stephan (and Jenni)
    Let parenthood wash over you and don’t panic. It’s all been done before and if you’re calm – your baby will be too! I speak from experience – my youngest is 16 on Friday!
    Good luck and enjoy it – it goes very quickly!

    • April 21, 2013 at 12:14 pm

      fingers crossed Enya
      happy bday to the wee one


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