Baby countdown- 17 weeks ……

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First things first! The Nenagh review, what really has to be said is the team work shown and displayed was unbelievable to see — at least on Facebook I’m sure the fighting in the pool was enjoyable to watch.

A small scare this week which put both of us into shock and nervous before going for a scan on Thursday. The midwife was lovely though and put Jen and I at ease. Jen had some tests done and must say the mammies of shannonmasters have been very helpful along with a few of the fathers of clubrothaiochta for a few questions.

A good catch up chat with Young hound Stevie Rooney after the midweek bike race and dropping him to swim at nationals. The young gun has come along way over the last 2 years. The Irish squad are preparing for a big race France in 2 weeks which fingers crossed will go welll for Stevie and the gang.



stevie n rory

Tuesday brought back a ghost from the past with some reminders of bad news issues that have been going on since 2009. A small matter that is dragging along and at times drags me down. It leads to quite days but it was the trigger to push on this week and to look ahead. I can’t dwell anymore I have a baby coming

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Wednesday night league race – Sometimes I wonder why I organise things that I always want to take part in !!!! Finally the groups and gaps went well 4 weeks down 8 weeks to go – all my late evening work/hobbies is starting to take a small toll on Jenn a little and I have already agreed to find someone to take this over soon. Any takers ??

Thursday scare day with 2 nervous parents to be in a small frantic panic. There might be a recession in ireland but be assured the country is not bored. The maternity hospital in dublin had a Que. out the door. In that que was a culchie and a Dub in a small panic pretending everything was fine. As I said above the midwife was great and once we had the scan and test we were put at ease ……. But I tell you what ….. The little bambino has grown!!!! You tell me that comes out where?

Friday night lights

A huge group Of athletes took to the roads around Sixmilebridge to run the BMOH 10k I took charge of the 40min pacing group which I really enjoyed. All the gang who were with me at 9km made the cut. I went back to get a few more then and try ton push them on. The poor souls got subjected to an onslaught of military styled encouragement.
A hard night for personal best times with the wind. Well done to all who took part


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Man I was wrecked the week and travel caught up with me. A day of relaxing. An easy bike and a joey registration. Answering texts and phone calls.

“The Joey”
The last time I took part. My good friend jenks won and I was 4th. This time I returned with a great new club and gotriracingclub.

The lucky thing is all the guys on the team are better athletes than me and that inspired commitment to race at the best of their ability is amazing to be apart of.

Ill chat about the guys in the race report soon but for me it was a journey into the unknown as I know the loads most are doing. But they say its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog and although I’m relaxed and put everyone before myself as a coach. When I put on a Trisuit I only know one way to race. All or nothing. Sprint distance is my favourite distance for tri racing but it hurts and right now I have t done enough hurting to be in a position to challenge the “super kids” of tri the con’s and Aaron’s the Jackson’s and Rooney’s are a level above for the moment. I was happy with my swim (pool swim wife watching = pressure) to come out just 40 secs down on AOB and 23 down on con and Jackson was good and the race for the pink suit was on. It was kind of a world o pain chasing after that.. Man I miss pack racing ….. But I’d need to be able to run again to do that again

A great day out for all the team and a passionate display of courage. I gotta go and do some work on right now so check back later for the race report and a session of “acctuals”

Train smart – train happy


Baby countdown week 17…. STL journey to fatherhood

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