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Cycling, something about it inspires surges in emotion with some triathletes and in others it creates feelings of panic and fear!! for our New Sponsor and New member of our coaching Team David O Loughlin

Today while out on a long spin, I spent a lot of time debating why clubs continue to always cycle out routes against the wind and come home with the wind. I can understand this for beginner groups and for recovery spins, but to be done continuously all the time all the year doesn’t make training sense. Club training officers or coaches should think about a 3 to 1 ratio even for Beginners and intermediate groups, choosing shorter distance route “home against the wind” days or give selected rider less time on the front of the packs

Hold on, don’t get too mad, I am about to explain why!!

I love to race with the wind on my back and feel like a motorbike cruising down a TT course, But what happens when I show up to a race with the wind blowing against me on my return? Do I complain to the race official- sound the alarms and ask them to redesign the course for me?

Cycling into the wind helps you to develop your power and force amongst other things will also help develop the mental strength needed for solo tt riding in the big race

Steps to help improve you’re cycling for sprint and Olympic distance athletes

  • ride routes near home that simulate the race course(stick to your hrs, this isn’t the race day)
  • Ride them in both directions with the wind against on the home journey as well as with you.
  • ride routes with different road surfaces to help with your different training goals( bouncy surface-power, smooth surface=speed)
  • work your weaknesses and work your strengths

Always understand why you train as you do, then you can race like you train

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