STLs Liam Ball sprint tri race report 2013


To be honest I was hoping for a solid result. I believed I could have had a podium and if I had the form I had in Joey I would have possibly got 3rd on the day. I wouldn’t have been happy but at least I wouldn’t have been glum.

It’s plain and simple why and the splits don’t tell lies. The truth is the training load has been too low and I was still very tired from joey and all the traveling / work during the week.

One must take the positives out of it though a kick the backside is needed and that alone was worth the travel.

It’s a race that’s close to my heart and it suits my capabilities so ill be back until I get it right.

This year I was missing another strong swimmer in the lane. There are no wave breaking lane ropes so was kind of like washing machine effect, it comes into play. I led out of the swim but even as early in the race as that I was starting to feel very tired and the bike was tuff as nails with high gales blowing into across us on the out leg of the bike.



I was caught before the turn around by a powering kris Muldoon and then Paul. I was over the limit trying to hold the 12m box and even with the wind on our backs on the home leg I never recovered. 2nd off bike

The run: started well – I had 3 to 5 steps in 3rd place and the less said the better about the rest of the feet race section.

A little case of htfu and mtfu has been ordered and delivered to the brain. Coaching is my mission and job but I lead by example and I need to get my ass back on the podium ASAP

Chin chin to a great weeks training — make it count. Time is the only thing you can’t get back in life !!


Train smart – train happy


Liam Ball 2013 race report

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