Swim series final night (5)
Skins night 

swim series 2

1. STL 18:25
2. Joanne Flanagan 19.05
3. Jason Fitzgerald 19:10
4. Darragh Fahy 22:14
5.erin o Donoghue 22:16
6. Alan Webb 22:27
7. Becky nutter 24:03
8. Paul horan 24:27
9. Dave Coleman 24:27
10. Mairead Elliot 26:53
11. Mick Rooney 27.04
12. Mike Heaney 27:21
13. Janice 28:52
14. Mags jones 28:52
15. Declan Murphy 30:03
16. Barbara Ryall 30:10
17. Grainne o Driscoll 32:41
18. Jake McNamara 33:38
19. Joanne O Donnell 33:51
20. Greg 36.29 

Congratulations to all who took part on the series. It was tremendous to see you all grow as open water swimmers over the 5 weeks and fingers crossed between Shannon Masters and GoTri we can grow this into an exciting training series in the future. 

Fastest male over 5 weeks = Jason Fitzgerald 

Fastest Female over 5 weeks = Joanne Flanagan

Biggest improver = Sarah Keane Boland.

It was fantastic to see all the support from family and friends the helpers, Lisa giving helpful tips to all, the Jordan's getting to grips with Neil's open water and the kids taking up the sport, the O Neil's as always ploughing forward with great enthusiasm, all the car pooling and the folks cycling out from ennis/ shannon/ limerick 

You all deserve a personal victory 

Prizes will be awarded at the end of year club awards party 


Shannon Masters /GoTri swim series week 5

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