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Hitting the numbers ……

Athletes need to learn to follow the process and execute things in a straight line. If one was to look at a time trial effort in terms of watts one would be looking for a straight line – a flat line – consistent effort no matter the course. Athletes need to approach life / injury in that same matter and it is something that needs to be trained.


I’m a coach first and in that role I can be very blunt and very honest. Emotion is something I pay a lot of attention too. It is a performance indicator and can help certain athletes apply. In other athletes its something that needs to bet out of them with a sledge hammer of hard knocks.


I’ve got both types in my squad, both types are winners but both types don’t win as much.

In my second role as an athlete I buy my ticket on the injury roller coaster and scream my head off like a girl, spit my dody out of my pram and act like a spoilt girl in the Charlie Wonka factory

Dealing with injury …….

Here is a list of dont do s

1. Do not put head in the sand
2. Do not close up.,,, mentally
3. Do not over indulge in food/drink
4. Do not try to comeback from injury too quick
5. Do not do not do not think its the end of your goal / journey …. Just move the goal posts

Here is a list of do’s
1. Doctor / physio / coach
This is your head triangle – what they say go – ask as many questions and demand answers you understand ( if you do not accept these ask other professionals in that area )

2. Inner triangle ….. You will have to accept this at some stage, as an athlete you are not invincible and that everyone needs to talk to someone about something.

You – partner – friend ( outside of sport ) — coach

Your partner is the one that will have to deal with your mood swings and no matter what way you play your tiny violin he/ she will have to listen to the song.

Your friend outside of tri – just has to be a good listener but someone who can tell you to HTFU and explain why

Your coach — he/she needs to help you move the goal posts and keep you motivated during injury. He/she wants to know, he/ she might not be able to help. But, as I said in the last blog there is always something that can be done and your coach is the person to bridge the gap from doctor & physio to future racing

My roller coaster
Day 5 … I was down to one crutch
Day 6 … No crutch
Day 7 … Crutch to 5k achieved
& now other leg has seized up due to the gangster swagger wiggle woggle i have going on. No sign of stitches coming out but both my legs are knackered. Still nothing will ever equal what I saw my mom go through.

Thankfully the hounds and kittens are keeping me busy in Tenerife to dwell too much and watching them make gains is all that matters.

Grumpy coach

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