I like to write and I like to cover the realities of our great sport.

85 x 55

Reality one – you must always enjoy each session
Reality two – you must enjoy working on your worst aspect as much as you enjoy working on your best
Reality three – talent will only get you to the door , training will open the door
Reality four – your brain is your best and strongest muscle but probably the least worked, change and learn

Reality five – you need to listen. But listen to the right ones, the old guy in the group or the sports scientist or the coach or all of them

Reality six … There is only one way

A famous proverb … When the wind blows it blows in only one direction.

It’s been a busy training period for the squad. Back to basics approach this year. We have done a lot of things over the last number of years with athletes. Results prove success but I haven’t really been satisfied if I’m perfectly honest. Maybe ill never be happy but I just want the best for those I work with.

Breaking things down to focus on the honest truth in sessions. Less communication is more communication. Focusing on the basics ….. Swim bike run balance

It’s Tuesday my weekly report / diary / rant / unloading is a little late. I may have been a little bit grumpy last week and may be grovelling for a little while with my future in laws and hopefully still to be my future wife. Chocolate is key here ……

Being on camp gives coach’s and athletes a lot of time. Normally I like to watch how athletes spend there down time. It’s an important aspect towards future success. An old adage I remember – not even sure where I got it, but I attribute it to an old principal Gary McKeegan. Most folk will tell you don’t sit when you can stand
And don’t stand when you can lie down, but the real key is sleep athletes who can switch off both mentally and physically have an advantage – slight – but every advantage counts. Chilling on social media or video games is not sleeping and the body repairs when asleep. Like the old cycling managers who would assess neo- pro riders at there first training camps by the size of their suitcases, I like to assess athletes and attention to detail on their down time. Serious athletes take rest seriously.

Tenerife is a great place to train but there are no easy days. Any cycle will take you up a “hill” which by Irish standards would be a mountain. To me it is perfect — gravity keeps riders honest and the plan is the plan.

For the returning athletes and the newbies we took on a huge program, each will have had their good days and each if each is honest will admit to the not so good days.

The two days that stand out most in terms of yard sticks were the track session and our jaunt up Mt Teide .

Mount Tiede to me is like ascending from the sea to the moon. You leave sunny views of sandy beaches, passing through hairpins of pine groves towards the lunar plains of rocky outcrops at 6000ft
Even my moped struggled as the athletes pedalled towards the cable
Karts before turning. Each athlete shivering into their spare gear before descending into the misty haze. I think each athlete was happy after the load they were under to put in a ride that long and with that much climbing. The coffee stop was well earned. The moped let see a number of things but what struck me was the strength and conditioning work from coach Mal is starting to pay off for those who are taking it seriously.

Our track day.
The day that brought my sanity back. The year previous I had been
Scratching my head in search of
A few answers. A year on and the
Squad are on track to hit goals. It’s
Not a statement to make us slack but the averages are good.

Injury update: unfortunately I picked up an infection somehow in the wound which led to swelling of the joint. Thankfully great medical care is cheap in Spain. Stitches out now and finished the anti bioethics and I can start to rehab the knee into action.

Racing season will take a hit now. I won’t make any predictions until I see another therapist. Even though I know what I want to do with rehab. I will seek out some different opinions. Each piece of paper has two sides. Each view has to be seen with open eyes. My injury will heal there are those worse off.

It was Impossible until it was done

Ps big suitcase no contract little suitcase big contract …. Ill let you figure out why.

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