Day one of camp and 18 weeks and counting.

On the plane out I started looking back at old notes on athletes and on our winter training camp that took place in Tenerife. We need to learn from the past to move forward in the future.



Taking time out from work, spending quality time with Jenni and analysing my weak points in business has been good and well worth it. I had the pleasure of reading Tick Tock Ten by Gerry Duffy and a business book by Richard Brandson and chatting to my number one business advisor ( in her own words, you Feck up and baby your fecked !lol no pressure then ) has been refreshing. Getting stuck in a swim bike run physical therapy bubble is not always a good thing.

A brilliant team of friends put me at ease for helping out organising the training sessions and mid week training events. You all know who you are. Thank you.

Day one – no core no performance = injuries. Add in calf raises squats single leg lifts and yoga stretches.
150 push ups
90 sit ups
60 tri cep dips

20 min moderate run – surg on hills
35 min bike 5 on 5 off – hard mod
Swim 600m easy

Squeezing time in type of day overall while we settle in. Gym in apt block is ok treadmill bike rower what else I needs, just add head phones.

Always great to meet friends on holidays. Dave and Shinead. Can’t go anywhere without meeting a friendly face. Another couple on a baby moon. Cathing up on vitamin D. Dave is one of the Shannon masters crew who has given me plenty of trainin ideas on time management, with one young baby and another on the way. real triathletes !













Day 2
30mins run 30 bike 30 swim an core
And a little bit sun bathing …,. Can’t do that at home 😉 vitamin D is good for baby development so google tells me.

Day 3
Swim 1hr run 35mins and core

I was on orders to visit a restaurant armed with a cash voucher from Mr.grealish and Miss crooks. These romantically adventurous tri couple from the training squad nipped out for some scouting during our last training camp in January to a place called “first love” a beautiful little Italian with killer deserts and I was ADVISED with a smile to bring Jenn along for some serious brownie points. I’m still alive to write this so fingers crossed I make the plane to post this transcript.

Day 4
family day ; ps do not keep a pregnant woman from her cravings !! And then make her walk to get those cravings.


Day 5
It’s not just my imagination but the bump aka kicker is growing by the day. It’s amazing to see. Jens convinced she can see the “little animal” kicking on the surface now, but anytime I put my hand on the little kicker he quietens down. A daddy’s boy already 😉
Training went well today a little run swim and gym bike.
Hills reps are always motivating. I have a saying that I don’t do gravity very well but I’m learning. I always find down hill running reps great for adding speed to a training plan without doing much high reps or strides. Be careful though can lead to Quad pain if you don’t learn to let go. (ps add in the foam roller afterwards)

Day 6
Long evening run (55mins, not long enough but happy enough)

The family entertainment for the week has been crosswords. I can’t spell but I’m good with clues and thankfully Jen can spell is actually a little bit, not much more but a little bit more intelligent than me, so 3 lassies mags full of word searches and cross words against Spanish tv 😉 and a nice walk along the beach front .
Day 7
Early morning 50/50 run and swim

A 50/50 run is a common one among the troop can be a 70-75% or a easy out hard back etc

The sun only rises in Tenerife just before 8 so plenty of time for coffee kick start to the day.
Running down the prom towards adeje being motivated by the waves and thinking about the teams prospects for the day ahead in Nenagh ns tri.

Iv been spoilt on this trip the baby mamma has had crepe cravings …….. God I know that child is mine no need to check on the postman and his looks. Haha the little kicker had mammy Grainger up and about cooking when I got back. Spoilt. choco crepes anyone ??

A day by the pool swimming and relaxing to twitter updates from the squad at home and triathlon Ireland. All I say is – a lot done a lot to do. Good coaching should have you able to predict your athletes performances to within 5% I believe. I’m looking forward to analysing the data and reports when I get back.

Happy holidays and hungry for work


Ps don’t play cards with a card shark accountant …..

Train smart – train happy


18 weeks to D Day

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