My 2011 season: Andree Walkin

Without hesitation this past season has been a really enjoyable one.  It’s been a collection of highs and truly happy days out.  There is a lot to be said for winter training and goal setting and I am testament to the saying that hard work pays off.  Of course there were times over the bleak winter when all I wanted to do was curl up in front of the fire instead of going out to the track but something inside me urged me on and in most cases I ended up enjoying it.  I think this desire along with a good support system was key for me.  Most certainly the highlight of my year was the European Tri Champs in Spain and getting a medal at them but there were also a number of other things that I feel played a part in making this season so special.   To name but a few Limerick hosting the European Duathlon Championships and having the opportunity to race them, and then watch the open race where I saw people of all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes coming together to train & then race in their home city.  Hats off to all involved in making this great event happen.   Then there was my win in the Salmon Run Tri and my Dads face when I crossed the finish line as first female in his home town of Ballina Co Mayo.   I think that day is something that will stick with us both for life.  Another occasion that stands out was a training session with some of the Tri Ireland junior squad members whose enthusiasm is contagious and I got a real buzz from training with these young athletes.  In fact there were numerous great training sessions with fellow Go Tri hounds, kittens and guru’s, basically good people who train smart and in turn force me to do the same.    All of these things and many more have made me realise how lucky I am to have taken up this sport and met the people I have.    Its’ been a really great season and here’s to many more good days out both in the training and racing world of Triathlon!

2011 Results

Feb Limerick Duathlon 2nd Female Overall

March Ennis Duathlon 2nd Female Overall

April Nenagh Sprint National Series 2nd Female Overall

April European Duathlon Championships Limerick 10th Female Age 30-34

May Joey Hannon Olympic 4th Female Overall

June Tri Athy Olympic 4th Female Overall

June LTC Time Trial 2011 1st Female Overall

June European Tri Championships Pontevedra Spain 3rd Female Age 30-34

July Salmon Run, Ballina Sprint Tri 1st Female Overall

July Go Tri Aquathon Night 2 1st Female Overall

Aug Brian Boru Sprint Tri National Series 2nd Female Overall

Aug Worlds End Sprint Triathlon 1st Female  Overall

Aug Dublin City Olympic Tri National Series 5th Female Overall

Sept Pulse Clogherhead Sprint Tri National Series 3rd Female Overall

Oct Limerick County Novice Cross Country 1st Female Overall

2011 National Series Ranking 3rd in my Age Group, 4th Female Overall

So yes it was a jam packed season of racing and much to my delight was made up of lots of podiums and placings.   I can honestly say I wouldn’t change any of it but I really couldn’t have done it all with out the support from family, friends, great training partners, my very patient husband and my awesome coach! So sincere thanks to y’all


Well now that would be telling but I certainly have some big goals and will really do my utmost to achieve them.  It’s head down now for a few months…Happy winter training everyone!



Interview Oct 2011

What is the one training session you hate to do but feel great about after doing it?

Early morning swims in UL as it’s hard to get up and drive in from Killaloe but then I think of the high performance guys and say hey a 6.15am start isn’t so bad!! 
We all have targets, when your setting your season out what races do you always put down first?

The LTC Duathlons cos they are always on first and I’m eager to get racing again after all the winter training.


Favourite training treat?

I’m a bit of nerd when it comes to treats , Mike says I’m the worst biscuit buyer as I opt for really plain stuff like Rich Tea or plain digestives.   I did have a slight addiction to powerbar coconut protein bars but I have kicked that habit…sort of…I just need one more hit!!!

Do you have a love hate relationship with the foam roller?? 

You mean the torture device? No love, just hate but it’s important and effective and saves on physio/physical therapy bills!


What is your favourite quote for winter training? 

I love quotes so I’ll give ya one that motivates me for each discipline:

Swimming: “Training is what you are doing while your opponent is sleeping in”

Biking “winter miles=summer smiles”

Running “If you see me collapse please hit ‘PAUSE’ on my Garmin”

How have you included the people closest in your life to be part of your racing goals?

I get great support from family who seem to love coming to watch races; they also have been known to get roped into marshalling.  Mike (my husband) didn’t make it to that many races this year but I always get a prerace brief before I leave the house and a lot of the time I recall what he’s said when I need to dig deep during a race. 
What is the best advice you can give those folks who wanna TRI but don’t?
Its funny cos more and more people are actually realising that they too can get involved and do a triathlon.  That’s what I love about the sport, its really not that difficult to “TRI” all you need is the desire to do,  so if you have that desire why not fuel it and see where it takes you,  personally its taken me to places I never dreamed of going!!   

Athlete Interviews: Andree Walkin

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