March 2012

Where has the time gone, We lost an hours sleep over the weekend as summer arrived with sunburn heat for the GoTri Training weekend. Athletes from the 4 corners of Munster came to Learn and feast on the knowledge that was served over 2 days of joyful survival. A chance to experience full time athletics for two days of full time training. A big thank you to all the partners, wife’s and husbands who allowed there tri-athlete halves to disappear into the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning, only to arrive back tired, starved and cranky into your arm.

Saturday Morning started with an easy run, through the grounds of Ul University along the new route for the Joey course, an easy run with a difference as we ran Cycling style, up and over, always staying together. Communication is key on these easy runs. A great ice- breaker for the new athletes to the Hounds and Kittens Stable, I like to use the Ronnie Delaney mind training principle, making all the athletes celebrate the end of the run by raising there arms in victory as they cross the imaginary finish line. Every great victory begins with a single step

 The GoTri team coaches took a battering mid week as The Guru Mike jones is out with sinus issues and a ankle/knee problem and Ciaran “Gally” the All talk team Manager of was under the weather, We wish them both a healthy recovery.

We were blessed however to have as per usual David O Loughlin’s input on the Saturday the great coaching Talents of Stephen Delaney on hand to dish out the advice and help build the camaraderie amongst the athletes.

Transitions are a key discipline in the world of multisport and triathlon T2 can be the difference between making the lead pack in terms of the elite or winning a race in terms of the Age-group triathlete. After the easy run we hit the training fields for transition practice session, with all the athletes getting caught on camera for later feedback, we might even have caught an Olympian hitting the deck and learning the hard way.

Transitions led us into transitioning on to our bikes for intervals on the draggy Joey course. All the athletes got to hear first hand how Ras victor Stephen and National champion David would ride the course and hear the tips that will hopefully make a difference over the next few weeks as we head to the first Major race of the year.

Building up an appetite on the bike course we re-grouped as a team and made way to the new Pavilion for some lunch, Q&A with coaches and video replays of T2 practice

A great man from the west told me once my initials stood for Stop-Talking-listen, I read a lot, but I learn from people and their experiences combined with my own make who i am, and who you are, it was great to hear the questions on the Q&A being asked and it was even better to hear some of the answers coming from the other athletes sharing their personal experiences with each other, it is the little things we do that makes the big differences, those little tid-bits you shared with each other over the weekend, I am sure will help that athlete achieve a personal best some where along their triathlete journey.

After our soup, and sandwiches (yes the sneaky coffee and cake) we hit the pool for a little endurance session for 2hrs. Swimming for those not from a swim back ground can be a love/hate affair and even more so after a full days activities. a lesson learned is a goal achieved, it is always important that when doing a session you are actually mentally at that session, Dave and Steve both speak of “be there” in terms of sports neurolinguistic training, Steve would say being switched on……. here is a challenge we spoke about over the training weekend, can you think about every stroke you take at the next swim session you do? if you can’t can you think of trigger words to help you re-focus? Or pre-game music?

 I been promised by the brave few who were on the camp, that a training weekend report will delievered during the week, so until then

Train Smart : Train Happy


GoTri March Training Weekend

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