Triathlon Training session with Joey in Mind

Joey is a 50m pool swim, can be messy at times with a few fairy tales being told about swim personal best times, we are all looking for that extra edge and feel come race day we may be able to hold some faster feet……………………… however what usualy happens is joe blogs lines up 3rd or 4th place and looses the feet, what do you do???  in my opinion you have two choices, you can choose to chase or choose to tow the little ducklings behind you for the next few hundred meters, providing them the draft you so craved at the start of the swim leg…… only you can decide

a big mistake by swimmers and non swimmers is switching off when it comes to the turns in pool triathlons, Tri Irl have leaned towards no tumble turns for pool events, but this doesnt mean you just glide into the wall, speed up coming into the turns come upto the hip of the swimmer in front so that your turning at the same time, this will save on all those little sprints you have to make to grab feet again.

classic sets for triathletes preparing for the 1500m pool swims

warm up – 400m with swim drills, kicking and some easy relaxed swimming

2 x 200 mixed b/c – f/c per 50m

main set

40 x 50m

1 to 12 off 1min or pb plus 20 ( 3 pacing 1 fast)

13 to 25 off 55 or pb plus 15 ( every second one fast)

26 to 34 off 50 of pb plus 10( 1 fast 2 super slow just hitting times)

35 to 40 off 1:15( H.A.P) no holding back

cool down

very important after a session like this, make sure to mix up the strokes do at least 600m

my favorite set if swimming by myself and caught for time

warm up 300m 50m f/c 50m b/c

5 x 200m paddles and pull buoy rest = 30 ,always breathing 3 then 5

5 x 100m @90% effort or hitting pb plus 6/8

5 x 50 off 45 secs rest hitting pb +1/2

cool down 200m

 if you have time and a spare pair of runners that you dont mind getting wet, why not try swimming a few max 200m efforts and jumping out of the pool and skipping for 2mins,(please ask permission off the pool before trying this) rest 1mins and go again 🙂

This will teach the body to respond to being flat for the swim and vertical for the run to transition!!!

Swim sessions for Joey Tri

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