A lot of ways to run…. The good the bad and the ugly truth to it is  this….

Step 1…

Begin by putting on running shoes, clothes, realistically they are optional, however we highly recommend some light wicking gear, a funky head band, designer stubble and some 70’s disco socks or as in my case a pair of my mothers tights (please dont tell her I steal her support bra’s by addidas also … its not me, I was born pleasantly plump)

A Little Help from the Man above…  shaking hands with a legend, even has a few books out, some very good reviews, believe it or not 🙂

step 2…

Sometimes it is best to not look out the window of your Irish home. It can be daunting to realise that sometimes God likes to over water our green isle. Step 2 involves being mentally prepared. At camp this weekend I learned that while running is fun, running is business!!! stay swtiched on


Running is not walking, but it is that simple… step one foot out in front of the other and pretend to fall and fall and fall again while staying upright and you will be moving forward in some way shape or form ( imagine a cheetah or a gazzell… I wont comment on anything after that 🙂

step 4….

Pacing for the moderate athlete involves waiting for the gps systems to track you down, Nasa or the NSA can sometimes be involved too. I am sure that there is a YOUNG FELLA or 3 about the country that can beat Usain Bolt in a 100m dash with the treat of the Gardai chasing him… well that or the thoughts of Mammy placing his good self across a knee with a wooden spoon would surely place him a close second to Sonia over a 5k sprint.

Pacing is simple… Run first worry about the rest when your done

Step 5…

Plain and simply put on camp….. you never finished step 4 so you dont get to step 5…. Wussy ( or as Pat would saunter past and say Welcome to Ennis Track as the young Guns disapeered up the sand running from the imaginary Garda, Personally I was hoping Pamela Scott Lee would come and rescue me 🙂


Running… and running and Running

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