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We are starting to get into the “business end ” of swimming and after a 2 year hiatus in many ways thanks to covid we can now focus in on one to two possible gala’s. Thanks to the hard work of coach Rory and ( Myself) we are heading towards a nice crew taking on the Limerick Masters gala !! ( Please touch base with Rory if your available to swim on Wednesday evening to try out Ul before the big day.

My focus on the coaching front is based on css swim speed. My preferred method of testing for distance athletes is the t30 usually built up from 1000m tt to t20 followed by t30 but when digging down into the nitty gritty of things, the majority of the masters group just aren’t swimming enough distance to be able to handle that sort of test session just yet. Hence my hiatus to css swim speed aka critical swim speed.

“Critical Swim Speed (CSS) is defined as the theoretical fastest pace that a swimmer can maintain continuously without exhaustion, your aerobic swimming threshold. Your CSS is computed using your time for a 400 m timetrial, and your time for a 200 m timetrial.”

with the advent of technology a lot of swimmers will be familiar with this method or idea.

**link to training peaks article here  

Lane 5 ( fast sauna club lane )

leader normally Don : css 1:20

DR 5:30 2:42
DON 5:19 2:39

Lane 4 – Ladies Lane

leader normally AR: CSS 1:54

A.R 7:34 3:47
TM 7:34 3:48
LON 7:40 3:47
MC 7:40 3:47


Leader normally T : css 1:43

T 6:40 3:15
MH 6:40 3:15
PQ 6:44 3:15


lane 2 

leader normally MR : css : 1:49

MR 7:16 3:33
PH 7:28 3:44
PON 7:05 3:50*
Gio 6:38 3:38


lane 1

Leader normally Kar : CSS : 2:12

k 8:20 3:57
noel 8:50 4:05
SER 8:30 3:57


as with anything we need to take this as a guide and not the be all and end all of our distance swimming targets, what works for one may not work for all, With this in mind it fits in with the approach for the Limerick Masters galas and where ( STL) im going.

Do some reading on the css and I look forward to discussing it on any morning coaching session or via email etc


yours in sports


Shannon Masters Wednesday sessions
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