The Push up, The Tricep Dip and The Pull-up


 The Tricep Dip

These 3 simple exercises, that we all know but never do can really help you improve your swimming. There are many different variations out there and im sure there is one that will suit you.

 The Push up

Why do these exercises? plain and simply put these 3 exercises use all the same muscle groups that we use when we swim.

I say this all the time to groups that I work with, do these exercises slowly and you will benefit more from them. Focus on your posture and body alignment and you will see huge benefits after 3 weeks

 The Classic chin up

what way should I do them?

first off, learn how to do these exercises right first, do some research on youtube or drop down to your local gym and ask a member of staff to show you and correct you, ask them to also show you some different variations to these exercises.

how often should i do them?

I use and promote a simple routine before bedtime, but this isnt always possible. 3 times 10mins a week and you will see the gains in the pool. A lot of folks I work with now add there routine in before they jump in the pool for their swim workout.

what way should i do these 3 in a routine?

That is up to you, but start small. Make yourself out a 6 week progressional plan

week 1 2 sets of 6 push ups 15 seconds rest between each set, 2 sets of 3 slow full pull ups 15 seconds rest and 2 sets of 6 tricep dips 15 seconds rest.

Try for 3 x 10mins sessions if your already an active individual, if not aim for just 1 set of each and see how it goes, include in your session active dynamic stretching and static stretching after your sessions to help keep the triathlete body in tip top shape

 push up variation for advance athlete’s

The 3 not so secret exercises

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