The Christmas holidays are here, the excitement is building, the cases of roses and selection boxes are whispering to you…….


The extra spoon of trifle, it is always delightful

The mars bar, the Moro and the toffee crisp….. oh I better not forget that crisp

The whine, the cider and the beer …… I wonder how they all dissapeer

But don’t you worry, we have a plan

we have a coach who loves a master plan


The festive season 🙂

What do you need ?

  1. A very clean bike
  2. A mat for under your bike
  3. A turbo trainer
  4. A heart rate strap
  5. A togs/tri suit
  6. A good attitude
  7. A drink
  8. A towel
  9. A sense of humor
  10. bike shoes

Time and place

SwimBikeFest ‘Puddin Buster’ Monday 29/December/14 10-12 am Shannon Leisure Centre.


Turkey Buster – Swim to Bike

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