European championship report
Irish elite junior coach :Stephan Teeling lynch

Israel do they use the euro ???
Shekels would be the answer if that ever cones up in a pub quiz.

A great achievement for Con to make the Europeans even greater as 16 year with another 3 years of eligibility at the junior level.
Selection criteria for the European championships was set very high, but triathlon Ireland believe in the us the coaches and even more so the athletes, Con achieved his qualification at the ITU Cup race in Portugal. Placing tenth in a quality field.
Racing at elite level is about adaptability as no race is the same, no course is the same, the weather is always different and as this was the European Championships all the best athletes were there, primed and ready to go!
Con had a great start to the first leg of the race,the swim being in lead quarter up to the first buoy but got very beaten up as he went around the marker losing a lot of places, to exit the swim 10 secs down on the last man in the lead pack.

A valiant effort on the bike to chase back to the lead pack failed to materialise as the other riders did not help due to them having team mates in the lead group.the weather temperature Rose to 31 degrees while the junior elite race was on, very hot and hard conditions for an Irish athlete

On the run section Constantine fought valiantly to run down a few of his competitors to finish in 40th place

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that counts and o for one believe we will hear a lot more from Con as we head towards the next Olympic cycle

Con had to do a lot of work on the bike section!!

A big thank you to Triathlon Ireland for all the support of Con and I. from funding the coaching program through to the races. Also without the support of all the parents as major sponsors of their kids we would be lost.

Believe To achieve

Young Gun Con Doherty at the Junior European Championships Eilat Isreal – 40th position

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