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Tuesday nights 7:30 warm up – main set starting at 7:45

With thanks to Local Club Shannon Ac for access to the old all weather pitch. Local clubs supporting local clubs, together we can all push forward.

Full details to be confirmed next week, but take it we are training at 7:30 meeting at the all weather pitch.




This will be our main club speed session of the week with the aim of getting a fartlek/long run group going over the weekends or another time to suit all. Plan will be posted in the club forum.

The key is to balance the full swim/bike/run program for the majority of the club. A hard task but if we all buy into the club program anything can be achieved.


Here is an old program from Fionulla Britton from an old article in the Irish Runner


Monday : 40mins run

Tuesday: 40mins run

Wednesday : 4 x 1km

Thursday : 40mins

Friday : rest

Saturday : fartlek – 15mins hard 5 mins easy 15mins hard 5 mins easy

Sunday : 60mins


Nothing complicated in the above program….. manage your times and your recovery and you could achieve anything you target


Yours in Sport



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