You know it was Bruce Lee that said ” its the daily decrease, not the daily increase that the most important” …….. With committing to racing we need to focus on the important stuff and not cloud the journey with the ” but I could do” “maybe I will do ” or maybe to the excuses to not do

1. keep it consistent
2. keep it simple
3. keep it focused

Setting out your racing plan…… & how do I pick my races ? well lets start with the below and go from there

1. what are my strengths
2. what are my weakness
3. what are the opportunities
4. what are the treats

Ill work backwards on the above, as it is easier for me to do so.

The treats to the athletes training are numerous, will always be there and can happen at anytime in any shape or form. The real treats are in the way we handle adversity, how the situations affect us and how we manage to overcome them.

The opportunities are also always present or will present themselves along the path to the destination, but and this will be hard, if it doesn’t increase the focus on the goal then its only a distraction.

weakness need to be treated like opportunities and you need to turn the focus on these. However you must not let the balls drop on your strengths

Your strengths are what have gotten you to where you are, keep working on your strengths and keep pushing your personal boundaries

January —- the easiest month to be motivated…… but what step is it on the pathway to your dream goal, Lets make it a great Year for your club and aim to race to the best of our abilities with smiles for miles.

Whats coming up before Xmas

Sunday 11 OF Dec

Battle for Tullyglass Hill Round 2 : a fun hour of cycling on our MTB bikes or cyclocross bikes. We will be doing some skills and drills with the kids before their race and rumors of some cake and Back balers for the winners of the senior events will hopefully see a few more heads out.

A big push for the juniors – Lets get them involved in 2016/17

Longest spin on the shortest DAY :200KM december 18th

last YEAR was a great success and a great way to spend a Sunday in December with a great group of people. We are aiming to break the 200km in one day. With an adventurous route from Shannon to Tarbert for the the Ferry crossing before heading back to limerick and home. There are numerous options available in taking part. You dont have to do the 200km. If you are interested there is a group event on Monday Murder fb page or give me a call. 0879973313

Its a remembrance tour of sorts but a joyful occasion of coffee stops, excess chocolate and calorie burning for the xmas overdose, Thank you to Karren and Aoife for their support in making this happen.

Shannon Masters 50 x 100m Challenge on December 17th

its a bit of fun, but you have 2hrs can we hit the magic 50 in that space of time

sure we can always use fins and paddles

Coffee/cake and banter after

  • A big thank you to Jennifer for all the help on the gear orders and the new hoodies. If you have any queries or orders message her on MnM forum
  • A big well done to all the Thursday am swimmers in Limerick under the watchful of Grainne, the improvements im told have been immense so congratulations to all and a thank you to G for all her hard work. Fingers crossed we can develop the swimming front a bit more next year and beyond
  • A big Welcome to the new committee for 2017 – lets all work together to push each other forward.
  • Id love to hear from you all about goals/plans/ ideas/ or even just to say hello, if i can be of any help at all just let me know.


Yours in Sports



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