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Racing is why we train, nothing fuels motivation like the idea of competition - be that testing yourself or your competitors.

Early season races are testosterone festivals of ego. Lads get let off the turbos or the controlled group spins and race brain kicks in. A word of caution - always move up & always cycle behind someone dressed to perform. I.e. if it's pissing cats and dogs and some fella is there with no leggings - ripped legs and a look that will kill. Try hold his wheel!!!
Compared to the guy with a gut 20 layers on and drinking a coffee... race smart!
P.S. don't judge a book by its cover, either might blow up!


Race Week Tips

1. Buy pins!
2. Learn how to pin your number
     (Fred mistake number 1 - flapping numbers)
3. Pre pin jersey before putting it on - don't ask your mate or wife to do it!
    (Fred mistake number 2 also a cause of flappy numbers)
4. Make sure your bike is cleaned, lubed & in full working order
5. Never fix anything or change anything after Thursday!! Bike shops are busy places before race days. The Friday rule is a good one because if anything is wrong after clean and lube on Thursday, pay a quick visit to your local mechanic on Friday morning & the bike can be collected after work (always be nice to your mechanic! Bring him coffee - getting your steed race ready)
6. Shave legs - look the part (don't do within 2 days of race)
7. Nutrition & hydration - gels, tabs, shots all ready. Have a pocket in the gear bag filled for the year ahead.
8. Pack all gear for all conditions
9. Helmet, shoes & warm up jacket
10. Race licence!! (no licence, no race!)
11. Don't forget the cash!!!

Always be prepared. "Fail to prepare- prepare to fail".


Yours in sports


The racing cyclists week

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