Road to Kilkee- Week 6

Cleaning the kitchen, mopping around, drinking copious amounts of coffee, back to experimenting with hob roaster. Drinking sipping swallowing hard.

Too hot I don't care as I read about one of my favourite riders. A real hard ass in your typical Ausie fashion, a fiery red head of an Australian in Stuart O Grady. It follows the typical I rode a bike won things suffered and lied formula of most bike books but you can feel his enthusiasm come across the pages. 

I've fooooked up again, but to make an omelette you have to crack eggs.
We had been joking around all week with the saying " I can't buy luck " and sure we are what ever we perceive ourselves to be.

A puncture and a bike crash have me back at zero again. But a calm sea never made a good sailor. I'll take a step back for a few weeks, regroup and aim higher again.

unknown(6)After all the planning for Bmoh 10km I missed the race, the monday night runners did fantastic & along with those doing the sets on Wednesdays we had some big pbs, not everyone was firing though, so I'll get to the bottom of that this week.
Life takes precedent and we move goal posts.

Kilkee might not happen, but the season is long. We just have to see how things heal.
It's all about the craic in the club. I tell you, even walking back to the transition area seeing the club athletes doing themselves proud, brings a smile to my face. Even now writing this ... But we are still awaiting the return of the Derek !

Be positive

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