The most important thing about getting started is to show up!!

11013067_1014325801920038_16918182615052573_nTaking your first step is fun and we will help you take all the rest of them.
Just show up to any of our training sessions and you will be made feel welcome by the team spirit.
If you have any questions -

New members are always welcome - why not join our club in 2020? Following membership options are available:

Adults - €40
Juniors/Oap/unemployed - €20
Associate Membership - €20
Family Memberships - from €60 (depending on number of family members)

In 2020 - YOUR GoTri membership includes free entry into our GoTri Training time trial series & GoTri Run series


All members will receive a membership gift & are eligible for a number of discounts, so get your foot in the door!

Coaching Questions

Head Coach - Stephan Teeling Lynch / 087 9973313


Club Committee

Chairperson - Stephan Teeling Lynch 

Secretary - liam Dillion

Treasurer - Jen Grainger    

Public Relations Officer - David Richardson