As a club affiliated with Triathlon Ireland GoTri Triathlon Club follows the guidelines and procedures that Triathlon Ireland have set out and put in place  for the Safeguarding of Children participating in the sport of triathlon.Safeguarding for children is the first priority for Triathlon Ireland and GoTri Triathlon Club. It is a crucial function in providing fun safe and fair opportunities for all who participate in triathlon and ensuring the safeguarding of children participating in the sport.


As an all-Island governing body, Triathlon Ireland is guided by Sport Ireland in the Republic of Ireland  when dealing with matters concerning the protection and safeguarding of children. Triathlon Ireland is in regular contact with Sport Ireland via a child protection officer’s network, and it is these bodies that keep Triathlon Ireland regularly informed with what is legislatively required, and best practice in the area of safeguarding children in sport.

Child Safeguarding Statement: