and here we go again ….


Almost feels like the first time ? almost. I know we were kind of  back last season but we really never got going with all the turmoil and covid hang overs!! So what are we aiming for ?

The bad news first …. We have been told that there is no ” up the creek” this year so that means we are fully focused on Kilkee ” hell of the west” which will hold the Irish championships !!! bringing the best of the best to our favorite local event !!

Watch out for training news and a training camp!!


What races are we going to as a team ? 

lANZA IRONMAN – Liam leading the party for this one !!

Limerick Duathlon –

Joey Hannon memorial triathlon  –

Lough Cutra –

Hell of the west –

This is just a quick brain drop — what are you aiming for ? let us know maybe you might gain a buddy aiming for the same event 🙂 

A lot of lives are busy but if we train together we will make things happen. So far we know we have a committee 🙂

Liam Dillion, Jennifer JTL, STL and new committee hand Noel Marshal. As always we are very grateful to out committee members – we try to keep it as simple as possible for anyone helping out. If anyone else wants to get on board to help or lead a section or just organize random outings we would LOVE hear from you ! gotritriathlonclub at gmail dot com…. ( spelled out to avoid those spam bots )


We will be organizing again the Memorial M&M bike race- further details as they emerge but it is on the cycling Ireland calendar !

We have been in touch with the Clare league committee to chat about our Time Trials. More details after the next meeting.

Right now we need a get together !!


Sunday morning swims at 7am @ Shannon Leisure center. Pay at the door. Set on the board or do your own session and join us for a coffee after 🙂


yours in sport






Seasons here !!

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