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Coaching and Lessons Catalogue:

Endurance camp €100 [wp_cart:Endurance Camp:price:100:end]

Home camps for age groupers -beginners and intermediates – location Limerick/clare   Aimed at that who have done one or two triathlons before and want to train a little better and aim higher. You will get the chance to come along to train with the GoTri champions and ask them all your questions. 2 x swim sessions 2 x bike sessions 3 x run sessions 2 x core sessions.   We will give you a number of options on training plans and test sessions that will help you throughout the season and show you how to achieve major personal success. We ran quite a few of these training weekends last year, developing a huge number of athletes as they went on to achieve personal best results in Ironman, Olympic and Sprint distance events. Throughout this camp you will get a chance to work closely with elite level athletes who will give you loads of tips personal to you.   For futher info please email info@gotri.ie

Foam Roller & Injury Prevention Course Class Details:

4:00pm, Sat Jan 12th, 2013 – Shannon Leisure Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare

The cost of health care in Ireland is rising year after year, learn how to effectively treat and look after your personal injury niggles.

  • learn to use your foam roller as an effective massage aid and injury treatment tool
  • learn how to use your roller for core/balance and proprioceptive training
  • Group demonstration class along with injury talk and effective self care treatments
  • The course is 2hrs long, you will need to bring shorts and a training top with your
  • you will receive learning handouts and one to one help on the day with the exercises

Some of the reasons to come on this course:

You can use the foam roller to provide self soft tissue mobilization (SSTM). Benefits of SSTM includes: improving muscle flexibility and tightness, decreasing lactic acid, decreasing muscle fibrosis (adhesions/scar tissue), and decreasing your risk for injury. By using your body weight you will put pressure through your muscles in order to regulate areas of increased muscle tone or tightness.

Great for all types of athletes or everyday work a holic

GoTri Triathlon Coaching & Therapy clinic
Physio & Physical Therapy
Shannon Swimming & Leisure center

Class options:

Class only €50[wp_cart:Foam Roller Class:price:50:end]

With roller €75[wp_cart:Foam Roller Class with Roller:price:75:shipping:0.001:end]

With grid €95[wp_cart:Foam Roller Class with Roller and Grid:price:95:shipping:0.001:end]

Please, note, you can buy Foam Rollers individually on our Accessories section

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