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Week 5 of The Monday Night training sessions in Killaloe 7-9pm

open to all levels from all clubs with coach STL leading the way with support from other members

A blustery day greeted everyone today but it cleared up by the strut of the session with all athletes in the water for 7pm sharp. A slow long warm up across to the pontoons before a few efforts involving pack swims

  • warming up – getting the feel in and adjusting the wet suit
  • fast / slow strokes
  • getting on top of your sight stroke rhythm

sessions of the night

  • 2 x 200m pack swim efforts
  • in 2s for sighting practice – second athlete holding feet and reporting on the straightness of the effort
  • pack starts
  • hand on shoulder starts
  • long swim for home

Its always great to welcome back a former Monday night murder regular in Olivia. Fingers crossed she rocks up again and again as we rebuild the groups. She better bring her runners next time 🙂


Run session: hills with aerobic volume

building on our previous sessions of 14 x 40 reps we are building up now with 2 x 60 x 90 on 90 off over a 6.5km course.

Depending on the level : athletes can just do the straight run or as group 2 with STL did 2 x 5 x 20 with a jog bake recovery.

  • Running form on the incline
  • pacing on the LNG hills
  • picking the running line on off road condition’s
  • arm cadence to match/support leg cadence


Always great having the support of Paul Tierney on the running . A great night of running for the younger athletes as we add volume to some of their programs. The likes of Alex and Dara got to enjoy some aerobic running with the added strength workout.


Our last pre kilkee session is next Monday evening: stay tuned for updater


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Monday Night training sessions Killaloe week 5

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