What happened the weather ? we have been spoiled for glorious training weather over the last 3 weeks and tonight our luck ran out, but only a little bit. Numbers were down due to racing over the weekend and the small swell across the expanse of lough Derg might have put a few off coming to training. tut tut tut


Swim plan: Short interval laps followed by a long swim with fins and paddles

We got in our sprints in a protected alcove but once we hit the open waters the swell was catching a few swimmers off guard. A perfect opportunity to practice timing of your breathing for the waves of Kilkee in a few weeks time.

The long swim with fins and paddles gave all levels a good chance to get up to and over the distance.

  • key points
  • sighting in swell, use your leg kick a little more
  • press into the sight a little more
  • time to sight on the crest of the wave
  • feel the rytym of the water
  • breath to opposite side if possible of oncoming waves

Transition Practice 

  • we do this once after every session
  • a little hill run sprint
  • taking wet suit off to mid waist
  • 10 seconds to get the batman suit off

Bike training session

Goal of session – a 2 person time trial effort over the old Boruman tt course. Its a Monday after a busy racing weekend and a full tt session would not be possible. Set riders off according to ability and play chase. Work as group once all caught. The route will make the work load.

We were joined by a few of the adventure lads who had just returned form gather mud samples on Moylussa 🙂 always fun to here the adventures of the mad fellows. The chasing games started early but Pipers hill is a great leveler. Out to ogonoloe ( im sure ive spelled that wrong 🙂 and up the long drag before all groups are back together. Andree and I catching a quick pit stop while watching young Dara and co mix it up on the roads.

Together we push each other forward, but did I ever tell you the story about the 95kg man who beat Dara up pipers hill 🙂

nothing beats the dip in the lake afterwards. Well done to all who came along


The very best of luck for all heading to Lough Derg sprint this coming weekend.

Its a great local event over a great course. here are my Tips

  • warm up for your swim !!
  • I’ve always swam wide to the first buoy and usually been first to it, check your lines
  • The swim exit – cautious dont rip your suit and take the helping hands to get out
  • The bike course is a draggy but flat course, encourages folks to go into the red
  • commit on the way out!
  • Save your energy
  • The hill on the run is SAVAGE !!!!!!

You’ve been warned


Basic tips, that could apply to almost any race but i think once you have this one done they will hit home more and more. Im lucky to have been on the podium in the past at this race. I can remember coming out off the bike in first place to be greeted by the “wall” begging myself not to walk…….. only to have too. My legs just went to complete jelly. But thats the joy of these races. Its a cracker, you feel great after it and the support is brilliant.


Enjoy the journey





Monday Night training sessions week 4
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