A beautiful Monday night greeted us in Killaloe with a warm Lough Derg and a shady hill for our repeats

A lot of bodies were tired, a few cried off after racing in the “Costa Del Kilrush” Up the Creek sprint tri over the weekend and with it being a bank holiday family time was needed for a few more. Very important. But for those that did rock up we had a plan and we got it done.


We warmed up by doing a light swim over to the pontoon and from there we did a few laps with drills.

  • preparation is key, preparing for scenarios is key
  • shoulder starts
  • sculling starts
  • feet drills

long swim with fins : 2 reasons for this

  • fatigue after the racing weekend
  • getting used to feeling fast in the water and in the wetsuit with minimal effort

Grass transition : a few got back before I did but this week I really wanted to hammer home that the batman suit should be off in maximum 15 seconds.

  • practice running and getting the suit to your waste
  • make sure your used to getting the Velcro open
  • at bike, use hand get the suit legs down as far as possible
  • step on one leg and kick it off
  • step on the other and repeat

While kicking off the wet suit, i would normally simulate putting on my helmet


The run

A handy 4km run along the stoney path, flat to start. The goal was to put the hill reps in towards the end of our prep this week for kilkee as its one of the few courses in the country that goes up hill in both directions!!! so you need to be prepared.

14 x 40 reps off a 2min cycle on the road hill. 10km pace effort.

  • dont be over enthusiastic and go out too hard
  • train to run the hills at the hr/pace your going to race them
  • know your goal

all in all it was a quality session for a bank holiday Monday, a lot of tired legs but a lot of big smiles as we cooled down in the lake after.


remember, if you want a big house you need to put in big foundations and if your not happy with your house, you need to put in a new foundation before the renovations can start !!!

yours in sports


Swim : Mags, Nigel, Diego, liam, Shannon, Dara, Karina

Run: Paul, Liam, Shannon, Dara, Diego


As always all training sessions are open to all, no matter your club or credo come along and push yourself with us every Monday night in Killaloe, up beside Ulac

Monday night Tri session week 3

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