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My Twitter account describes me  as ” A Triathlete, A runner, A swimmer, A Triathlon coach and mentor, A cyclist and cycling coach, A believer, An endurance enthusiast and a pioneer of chasing dreams” I would like to agree

Coaching is my passion. Helping people to perform is my vocation. I have been fortunate to work with great athletes and great people. I have also been very fortunate to surround myself with people who want to help me learn and for whom coaching was and is there passion also. No result is achieved alone. I see myself as just one single card of a deck of cards. You need all 52 cards to reach success.

Onwards and upwards

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


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Below you will find some of my own blogs on my own journey along with some rants and reviews  😳  I apologize in advance

Blog updates and weekly count down to becoming a dad, a triathletes journey

Just click the week and read the link to the article. Hope you enjoy, ill try to be give my honest opinions and feelings as I count down to this great joyous occasion. Excited and scared but I cant wait

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post injury race reports

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OLD SYNOPSIS BELOW : amazing how we grow change and develop over (5years since we launched) 3 years since launching

  • Level 1+ level 2 triathlon tutor
  • Neuromuscular physical therapist
  • Neuromuscular sport massage therapist
  • Level 1 cycling coach
  • Full swim teachers level 2 club coach
  • Assistant running coach qualification- currently doing ongoing training for higher qualification
  • Currently on P.E.P course with The Irish Sports Institute

Relevant Experience

  • I currently work for triathlon Ireland as Munster west of Ireland head talent coach.
  • I am coaching understudy to Chris Jones.
  • Cycling coaching understudy to Ciaran Power and David O’Loughin
  • I currently coach 5 elite juniors ranging 14 years to 17 years. Helping to development the Olympians of the future
  • Head coach for Limerick triathlon club
  • Head swimming coach of The Shannon Masters swimming club
  • Running coach for Ennis triathlon club

Personal Achievements and Highlights

Racing for your country has to be highest honour anyone can achieve and I am very lucky have done so across two disciplines. I have raced international as both a triathlete and cyclist at elite level. I was part of the Irish triathlon development squad having been selected by Chris Jones to race in I.T.U races and part of the Irish cycling track development program competing at the world student games in Holland.

Two personal highlights for me have to be winning the Irish Intervarsity’s Cycling Championships and finishing third in the Irish sprint distance triathlon championships.

Racing domestically never really appealed to me until I couldn’t race due to injuries but because of these injuries I have had a lot of time to study and learn from some of the best coaches in the business. I have swam for some great swimming coaches with my clubs throughout Ireland including the High Performance Swimming Centre in Limerick, the City of Belfast Swimming Club and also in my local clubs Shannon and Ennis.

I rode the ‘Ras’ (bike race) in 2010 which was a great learning experience, and aim to do so again in 2011

My personal best times are
18.23 for 1500m -long course swimming
54mins for 40km time trial-cycling
33.17 for 10km running
9:03 for 3km run
I learned the hard way about training and how to compete, making lots of mistakes in my preparation for events. can help you to avoid those same mistakes!

I have coached athletes to world and European age championship participation, national league victories, top 3 positions, intervarsity’s victories and age group wins.

Juniors currently under my care are hitting world standard times and are placing in races across all three sports.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals

Yours in sport