The road to Kilkee

Week 1 - how to coach without coaching ? Anyone for race profiling ? Or just telling everyone to loose weight ?

Can we call it the coaches diary ? Why am I busier as a coach when I'm racing well ? I wonder did Mr Ferguson during his rants ever get judged on his personal career. I'll ponder that in silence. I better read his book.


Daddy athlete
There is a hole in my sock, the little hole has let my big toe through. My socks are a faded white, an off white colour of misery.

day's session ( club running group 7pm Shannon from club house
This weeks session = 10 X 1km 🙁 ) had me mentally fatigued for the whole day leading up to the 7 o clock showdown. Too scared to do anything of significance but test my test ride. Sizing up the Giant TCR from Land and Leisure Kilrush. My vaselined button botox enjoy the saddle, although height wise it needs slight adjustments. Geometry is different from the fast paced propel by giant. The TCR seems a little more wippy, quicker in the turn, snappier .,,. We will only know as times goes on. The fluorescence orange is a thing of beauty. Me likey 😉 is

Monday - 10 X 1km run. weights & stretch.
Cycle 50km aerobic Endurance
I could only manage 5x 1 then 1km on and 1km off while John and the Zebra Carey tore me a new one, happy enough to be honest. I didn't run last week as the feet were still blistered after "The Joey"
Take little victories in defeat. We shall have to do that session again. When better prepared. I'll beg for support.

Tuesday- swim - bike race - 7km run.
Swimming & Mojo, yes the lovely brown chocolate milk, not quite as nice as the later mentioned dairy products but alas after popping my premature cherry in the washing machine in Joey Hannon and barely hanging on to swim 22:30 my non swimming winter must come to an end. Step up Mr. energiser bunny himself David Richardson to be a lunch time session hero of a training partner.
Ah the joys of the working world, but the battery powered, head bobbing, salivating power house is making things happen this year with podiums all round.

Welcome back Steve 🙂

50 warm up and 12 X 100m off 1:40 on 1:20
200 easy 40mins and out

Pm bike training race and run off the bike. A shuffling 7km

The Taymory kit from GoTri is very sweet, I layer up on the Vaseline again, no warm up, I'm only riding scratch. I stretched as the cold wind howled and start each group. Reminding them of the rules of the road. God bless there non thinking cold fried race brain heads. They seem to forget the Red Cross code.

We get going a small group so no hiding today. Thank god for Vaseline. I'm not your type. I'm on a giant wink wink. 5 laps tonight. I worked as much as my prepaid electricity would allow me to do. These boys are winning the races at the weekend. Eyes firmly fixated on the Ras. Maybe the bacon butties will have to go. The red sauce is coming through my pores as I tried to hold on. 4 laps.

I'm a little cheeky I jumped back in on the home straight and give a few pulls. It didn't matter a timely truck gave a lovely draft to the winning pair. Another Mego win. 4 -1 to the boys.
Chocolate milk ..... Mojo returning

A big thank you to Patricia Haugh and her Friend Marie from Temple Dairies for supplying the gorgeous chocolate milk for all the athletes post the training race on Tuesday night!!! Amazing stuff!

Wednesday - 2hrs aerobic ride
Recovery ride with Rae filled with Dmcs and a coffee stop. Poor old Rae got engaged, think he needed a man chat 😉
I haven't slept well all week. Freya has been listening to House of Pains jump around and seems to think waking Daddy is a pastime worth holding on too. Finn he likes sleep, only wakes up once at 5 am and will gladly take his dody and nod off again, while your staring at the walls for the remaining time before getting up.... Coffee lovers ?
I wouldn't change a thing ..... Love it 🙂 I swear

Thursday - swim - short run (20mins)
Swim with David and Stephen Lynn joined in for the craic


5 X 100m I'm
5x200 on 3min
5x 100 on 1:30min

5 X 50 on 45 sec
Fatigue set - one of my old favourites

Had to reach for the paddles on the 50s I kinda broke.

Easy run that evening was just to rid my body of chlorine. De stressing from passion of computers and Facebook. Did I tell you I'm going to write a book. A dreamers guide to triathlon training?

Friday - light weights only / sb ( seasons best) deadlift 140kg
Daddy day care day, between school and parents and work we fit in a lot. Score of the day was walking Freya down to mammy TeelingLynchs and getting Spoilt with poached eggs and bacon. Friday's ain't all bad.

Big weights day with groups getting their deadlift 3 rep Max's. Well done to all.
Big Dan, 201kg the kid is returning !!

Saturday - 5 X 1km on the Treadmill 16kph to 17kph
Punishment session for a bad monday 🙂

Light weights & stretch
2hrs bike attacking hills and fun

Sometimes riding in the afternoon is a better choice, your bodies "awake" systems are switched on.
Poor John, normally a beast dancing on the pedals grunting away showing the effects of coming off night shift. I feel his pain. Sleep or the mental views of fatigue are controllers of emotion and motivation.
Alan just hit the burners going up the flyover out of Shannon and sure that set the tone for the days spin.
I like searching out roads I don't usually use. There are so many back roads around county Clare that

it's like a warren of fun.
Some, grass lined others routes are gravel and filled with pot holes, but perfect for little groups in search of lactic fun.
One attack one chase one hang on for dear life

Sunday - 45 mins bike - 35 run mins
Squats 3 X 8 at body weight after build up. (I'm not telling you how much I way, I'm sensitive 🙂 )
Heavier athletes - need more conditioning that lighter built athletes. Take that with a pinch of salt. It's just a view. There is probably data there somewhere to back
That up but also disagree with it.
However through the years it what's I've seen. That's good enough for me.
Answers on a post card.

Ankle pain - ankle has been at me all week. I've a history of ankle issues since an infamous incident while paint balling a number of years ago. Pain of the memory or the joint I'm
Never sure which is worse.

Next stop is Majorca 70.3 as a little bit of warm weather training and then the Crotty cup. I'm not too sure after that .....


Where I am at ?
Where am I going ?
How do I get there ?

3 questions needed to design your program.

Make it happen
Together we push each other forward

Yours in sports

The Road to Kilkee – Week 1
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