Week 2 - 70.3 Mallorca


I'm not too sure I trust or like athletes who are afraid to fail. First attempt is learning after all. Maybe I'm still the dreamer athlete who wants to aim higher than his bodily capabilities but the sports guys who like brain function say the power is in the mind.
Week 2 contains a half Ironman in Majorca. A family holiday which in all honesty is more important than the event. The only issue is Alan Webb is on my back and Declan Murphy says I have to beat STLs time in 2015 hmmmm the only problem is I'm more worried about the local 10km in the Bridge than I am about the half.
It's one of those things, another peculiar aspect of our sport, that no matter what as long as you finish everyone says well done. It's a kudos argument for strava lovers. You like it because they rode the bike or do you like it because they rode the bike well?
Simple plan vs reality
Monday - swim & run 3x2km off 90
Tuesday - swim & bike race
Wednesday -swim & travel
Thursday - bike and jog
Friday - swim & jog
Saturday - warm up & race
Sunday - hang over and eat lots of chocolate pan
Actual week
Monday - swim 1000m easy & Run was 3 x 2 on the treadmil at 17kph 
Tuesday - swim 5 X 300m off 4:30
David R and David R let me realise my lack of endurance in on 4-4:05
Pm - bike race exhausted didn't really want to be there
Wednesday - no swim Finn decided he wanted to be coach for the day 🙂 he gave them 24x100 - love that kid
Flight went well. We arrived to overcast skies and Irish weather forecast
Thursday - swim and run
Just got in the water for 10mins - kids at the beach, shitty weather all day but sunshine came out for the swim and I needed to get the kids home to put on beach gear. On the way home it rained !
Run I struggled through an easy run along the 1/2 route with Dave
Friday - bike 1hr and checked in the bike

Saturday - race in the pissing pouring rain!!
Hmmm do I debate it out ? Or just say I'm happy with it ?
Sunday - no hangover but lots of chocolate eaten!

Race report?

13230996_10154041011190295_1876889318_nFirst off - Bmoh 36:30 hmmmm it's putting the fear of god Into me, I might have over estimated just a tad !

Swim - rolling start. A first for me in my 15 odd years in triathlon. I liked it. If I was "competing" I dunno but safety wise, great idea.
27 mins and change - little swell and I swam through a lot of those dreaming athletes I spoke about earlier. Lying swimmers! Anyone in triathlon not buffer their swim times ? Lol. It actually made it fun. I just swam from pack to pack while kissing and kicking the jelly fish. I got out fresh and that's what it should feel like.

The bike 2:43:38
I don't know why people were giving out about the climb. I had a 25 sprocket -  on and it was fine. The descent however in the pouring rain, with switch backs and cold hands made my Andy Schleck impersonation very realistic. I was slower descending then climbing !!!
It was cold, so very cold and wet. I pedaled a comfortable hard and was happy enough with the amount I ate and how I felt ( outside of freezing ) getting off the bike.

Between the rain, the cold and the head winds. Happy. Solid but no star points

The run - 1:45:43
Ah the mental side of our truly great sport. I felt like an obese elephant trying to ballet dance like a running gazelle around the course. I had 3 laps in my head the whole time. After the second I was walking before I realized I only had half a lap left. Well done tonto! Daves going to win the coffee bet and Declan Murphy won't be happy if I don't sub 5.
Well let it be a lesson. Wear a watch coach STL. Some serious talking Lynch was needed, I lay my faith in red bull but it gave no wings to an athlete over dependent on sugars all ready.
Slow down you move to fast, time to make the moment last sang Simon and Garfunkel but I wonder did they realize it's an oxygenerating fat loss theme tune too ? Hmmmm a little maffetone anybody ?

We love we learn we conquer and together we GoTri. It was a great trip, even though we all got sick, poor Freya got conjunctivitis, Jen the cold and we all missed out on sleep. I enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. Always appreciate what you have, if you don't, it will be gone before you can.
A big shout out to Aussie for his Pb in horrendous conditions and for the training partner banter.

Next stop choosing an Ironman journey..... I wonder what Gary in Land & leisure will think about this ? will he let the Giant Trinity go on another holiday..... baggage handlers 🙁

Yours in coaching
The Road To Kilkee – Week 2
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