Week 3

36:30 is it a quote in the bible ?

Do we ever actually sit down and think about the people around us? who inspire us or who for without thinking just seem to pop up with a bit of divinity or a performance in an event that says …… Wow.
I’ve had a bit of reflection time this week, not planned but taken all the same. I’ve taken a few Daddy Day care walks to think about the people with bouncability ! The everyday man & lady that stands shoulder to shoulder with us all but rises above the grinding challenges to do great things……….

It’s interesting thinking…… Moments where you just have to stand and smile but inside appreciate their struggle.
I’m sick, the kids are sick and did I say I’m sick !! Said the gold fish with Man Flu….. Again she says !!

Monday’s training action – 2hr spin to formentor climb along the coast Majorca. A lovely coffee stop with a Nutella crepe. Yup bad coach but – no sleep and sick.
I can be a little gentle on my chocolate loving minions ;€) more coffee

Tuesday: broken. No two ways about it. Head / throat. Training today will be pool and not the chlorine kind. The challenge will be again to work on focusing. Any time you play Derek Flanagan is a day you want to be on top form. Did you know he played Badminton ? A former irish squad Badminton to boot he must say, but alas all he did was challenge me to a dance off ! If only he knew the other lines of the tune, Ausie whooped us both at pool. The silent slugger kept his cool and potted black while the rest of us where hiding from reality.

Wednesday. Planned a final ride. I spent 6 nights on a Spanish apart hotel sofa bed. Sick. The only realistic plan is a final coffee stroll.
I’m fed up of telling people sleep is the controller of life and training – alas I must tell myself.

Finally good weather on the day we are leaving. 3 coffee stop and another whopping by dave. This time verbally as we eat out pan e chocolate over a class of water and mineral drink. We dissect the race.
It’s a hard thing to do sometimes. You train all winter ( in Dave’s case ) and after competing the year before in 31 degrees to arrive at the race in weather only fit for ducks. It’s life. But assessing the overall performance you must look at it in different ways.

1. Your placing versus last year
2. Overall average times versus last year
3. Condition afterwards.

The boy did good. He had a course pb when on average the times where 15-20 slower per age cat. The rest is down the silent slugger to preach about. I’m just happy the adjusted training regime did the job.

Thursday. ( was hoping the steam room would make a runny nose go!)

Swim with Dave o R. 8 X 100m off 3mins in 1-6 on .08/9 last 2 = 1/10/11
Not the set I was planning but banged it out none the less.
It’s funny we used to swim 20/24 X 100m on 1:10 off 1:25 back in the “day” I’m an old boy now I can say that sh!T. But over the last month I can feel things coming together. I just need some long aerobic swims I feel.
27mins in Majorca without any effort of much swimming over the winter leaves in good sted. It’s just a case of honing it in for kilkee. I’m still not sure what type of race it will be for the cat 1 athletes.

20mims run

Daddy day care Friday’s.

Things aren’t just heating up for me, they are heating up for all the triathletes that swim under my tutiledge at Shannon masters.

400 easy mixed / stretch / drink
2 X 50 max Off 1:45
200easy bc
2 X 100m max off 3
200 choice
12 X 100 off lane times. T pace.
Cool down 200

Hr run set on the treadmill. 30mins allowance time. Take it when you can.

Saturday – Crotty cup but not before cutting the grass 🙂

I’m still spewing up goblets of green gunk. If the race wasn’t on my doorstep I’ve have stayed at home. And to be honest I would have been better off but sometimes it can clear the head and other times drag you deeper under the weather🚵🏻 sure I’ll try help my team mates was my excuse. The lads rode well. I’ve not really much to add on a personal note. – except Clyde Gaffney must be a good poker player !

Sunday – club Rothaiochta cycle for ethan & MPs ( marshalling duties & Daddy Day care )

It would take another coffee break on your behalf to go through everyone who supported and made the event great but hats off to this years comittee – Niall, Anthony, james and Neill ( hope I didn’t miss anyone )did tremendous work and really deserve a high 5 from all the club members.
To all the marshals and stewards / supporters / bakers and cake makers – thank you and of course the athletes !!! Chapeau

It’s a transition week in general after the half in Majorca but it won’t be long before the club lads and banter starts for Bmoh 10km

Training totals
Swim – 1500m
Bike – 70km
Run- 4km
Core/strength – 15mins

Yours in sports coaching

The Road To Kilkee – Week 3
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