The Top 10 Things to do for Kilkee

We could have a very long list ........ But here's a few tidbits

1. Show up 🙂
• a lot of you will be taking on Hell for the first time. No matter your training demons, if you have the work done, you will be fine.
• open water nerves. Don't panic. Ltc are famous for well marshalled events. At the swim start - count to ten after the buzzer, avoid the commotion and begin your day.

2. Register the day before if possibleunknown(9)
• helps reduce the race day stress !

3. Scout transition. Entry and exit points
• race brain is funny to watch in transitions. Don't be the wally

4. Know the weather (chat to a local)
5. Trust your equipment. Bike service?
6. Write out your, actuals, hopes and expectations.
• base on factual training evidence not what ifs

7. Understand your game plan
• no plan no hope

8. Whatever you plan to do on the bike save it for the run !
• it's a beast of a bike course, but remember the finish line is at the end of the run course

9. Race like you train
• hmmmmm pot, kettle black 🙂

10. Always finish, take it from a dnf champion. Don't give the brain ammunition

11. Preform a proper warm up !!!
• it's sinful and painful. Be smart

unknown(10)Ok I said ten things but I like you guys.
The very best to all taking part.
As Roy says "fail to prepare. Prepare to fail"

Yours in sports

The Top 10 Things to do for Kilkee
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