The 7 Stages of Open Water Swimming in Skins


1. The absolute fear while driving to said location.
• weather check
• water temp
• hats
• Vaseline
• 2 cups of coffee ( one in thermo flask for after )

2. Getting ready
• normally as a wetsuit swimmer I'd be first in last out, now you look on with envy in my eyes for the happy triathletes in rubber
• like the old days of Gaa or club football getting undressed by the side of the road, car parks or secluded places can be a bit daunting
• bonus - your ready fast

3. The entry
• like bambi learning to walk, you test the water with your hands, toes, screech and scream while splashing yourself prior to the big jump.
• loosing all the oxygen out of your lungs due to shock ...... And someone asks you a question :/

4. Why don't my arms work
• as blood courses through the body towards our vital organs in protective manners, wailing of the arms will return to normal functional stroke once your mind agrees it's not dying !! ( positive thing required )
Ps ..... Shark check

5. The exhilaration....
It just comes on, your body begins to enjoy the movement, the location, the rain drops , the feel of the water

6. The feeling of euphoric freedom
Just enough pain to endure and enjoy the session

unknown(12)7. Numbness ....
For me this usually kicks in around the 2km mark, it will take time for my body to handle the colds ..... I'll just have to swim faster 😉

Be it openwater wetsuit swimming or traditional skins swimming the important thing to do is to get in 😉

Swim happy

The 7 Stages of Open Water Swimming in Skins
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